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Build a new product

Product definition and strategy

Together with your team, we will settle product concept and verify the specification (e.g. functional). Our experts will help you avoid working on unnecessary functions and decide on the MVP scope with real value to the user.


Through qualitative or quantitative research and internal workshops, we will uncover hidden opportunities and identify what we need to focus on. We look for insights and breakthroughs for a deep understanding of both user and business needs.

User interface & visual design

You get a testable product that aims to eliminate user friction and achieve business objectives. We translate the strategy into visual design starting from low and high fidelity prototypes, look&feel of the product, through ready for development UI and motion design, ending with a complete Style Guide or Design System.

Usability testing and analytics

alidate and improve ideas before the development phase starts. It is the most effective way to reduce costs in further product design and development by identifying every unnecessary or missaligned element, from simple misunderstandings to critical functional flaws.

Optimize a product

Expert review and UX audit

Actionable report full of solid recommendations based on an expert review will help you improve your product’s UX and prioritise the changes that matter most.

User research

After qualitative research with users you will identify UI elements or concepts you need to work on to improve your product usability, optimize user flows and rework your online product.

Existing data analysis

To help you get a better product and significant cost advantage to your organisation, our multidisciplinary team will use quantitative data (using available sources and tools link Google Analytics and Hotjar) to identify areas lowering users' engagement and conversion.


If you need new look&feel, data-driven information architecture or navigation improvements our experts will support you every step of the way. We can upgrade and improve the overall look and visual impact, add new functions or sections to an existing website or app but also simplify the UI library of your digital product and even prepare rich Design Systems.

Workshops and training

To boost your product or service effectiveness we provide dedicated workshops with business representatives, "super users" and industry experts valuable as a response to different needs. Workshops will help you explore and prioritize a set of strategies that will have the best impact on your objectives.

Expand UX Team

We work within the organization as part of your team

How global tech company reduced code over 35%

Diebold Nixdorf brought the design to the early stage of developing software which enabled code reduction over 35% and lower maintenance costs. The side-by-side collaboration helped us significantly boost knowledge transfer, research, and UX/UI design for projects.

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We work as a part of our clients' teams