Moj Empik


Year 2016
Type Mobile
Industry E-commerce

Aleksandra Szapar

Head of Growth

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Functional transformation of the Moj Empik application which took the second place in a purchasing category within several days since its activation.

Business need

Optimizing a mobile application which would effectively encourage users to the new Moj Empik loyalty programme and using the idea of the platform for third party sellers worked out by the Empik team (and modelled on the solution introduced by Amazon) in the checkout process.


Empik is the biggest and best-recognized distribution chain of cultural property, knowledge and entertainment in the Polish market, existing for about 70 years. In over 260 salesrooms, it offers hundreds of thousands of books, music CDs, films, games, magazines and tickets for events. The company started the e-commerce service as one of the first in Poland and currently it is the third biggest Internet store and e-commerce leader in the country. The Empik Group serves 90 million customers a year and 4 million users belong to the Moj Empik loyalty programme.

Mobee Dick is a company which makes the best UXs in Poland.

Bartłomiej Sobczak

Development Manager
Empik Group



of the Empik application users joined the Moj Empik loyalty programme.

Maintaining Coherence

The intervention in the existing project required maintaining coherence with the remaining part of the application. Together, we decided to start working on the analysis and optimizing a purchasing process in parallel with conducting the inventory of existing application screens and preparing the interface elements library based on it.

Such an approach to the process project allowed us to work on the final UI project, enabling, at the same time, to modify and test different solutions thanks to the use of the previously prepared library.

Saving time

Thanks to strict cooperation, we managed to avoid misunderstandings between Mobee Dick and Empik as well as differences in defining a ready made solution. Considerably shortened was also the path of accepting proposed solutions, which meant saving time to a large extent.

Preparing the UI elements library and analyzing the purchasing process enabled us to work directly on the graphic design, omitting the stage of low-detail models.


Moj Empik turned out to be an innovative platform which made it possible for Empik to reach its customers with an individualized offer, adjusted to reading, music or film preferences. It is an example of the product showing a mobile channel value which successfully replaces a plastic loyalty card.

Cooperation included:

  • Analysis of the existing state of affairs and looking for places enabling making the checkout process easier and faster.
  • Project of the optimized purchasing path.
  • Creating the interface elements library.
  • Preparing UI projects with maintaining the coherence with existing screens of the working application.
  • Preparing the implementation specification of the UI project.

Nomination for Mobile Trends Awards 2016 in the M-commerce category.