Boosting Product-Market Fit

Adobe Inc.

Year 2020
Type User Research
Industry E-commerce

Aleksandra Szapar

UX Project Manager

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Client’s challenge

Geo-expansion in EMEA or CEE

New business/digital product on the Polish market

Adapting the global version of the client's digital products to the Polish market

UX Research benefits

  • deepened understanding of motivations, desires, needs, dispositions, and expectations of Polish customers
  • recognized challenges for the Polish version of the client's digital product
  • identified factors restraining Polish customers from discovering, trying and purchasing client's products and/or services on the current (non-adapted) version of the client's digital touchpoints
  • UX & UI recommendations for the Polish version of the client's digital touchpoints


Desk Research

Analyzing all available knowledge on the client’s business environment and market.


  • Research on e-commerce preferences of Polish users on the particular market
  • Analysis of all the materials provided by the client (customers’ segments, analytics data)
  • Competitors analysis

UX & Cultural Audit

Our goal was finding issues with cultural appropriateness of the layout and language and its support for business goals through design, content and flow.


  • Ranked list of issues in all areas (cultural aspects of layout, support business goals, UX design, language, etc.)
  • Hypotheses to be tested during interviews phase
  • Identification of selected user flows and touchpoints to be tested with users during IDIs
  • Recommendations for further research, for example, A/B testing

In-depth Interviews

Deeper dive into the knowledge about the individual conditions of using the client’s products by Polish users.


  • Identification of social and cultural patterns connected with products specific for Polish users
  • Identification of drivers to discover & purchase products
  • Verification of the level of fulfillment of users’ needs, motivations, and expectations in various segments in a cultural context
  • Recommendations for changes in layout, language, and offer presentation according to Polish users’ needs
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Final Report

UX & UI Expert Audit highlighted issues divided into the categories.

Cultural & E-commerce Audit highlighted issues divided into the categories.

Results and their consequences.

Brand perception/customer profile (depending on the project’s objectives).

Recommended next steps.

With the final report we share the personalized view in Airtable with all the issues found during the project. The issues are categorized, which makes it easy to filter/ sort them according to the needs.

Several examples of identified errors showed as Airtable database:


  • Hania Sitarz
    Senior Designer
  • Katarzyna Matlak
    Junior Researcher
  • Anita Angielczyk
    Junior Researcher
  • Bartłomej Sury
    UX Writer
  • Olga Golonka
    Marketing Consultant

A diverse team of experts

Researchers and designers worked closely together on defining cultural and UX issues. We involved experienced marketer and UX writer to come up with better recommendations on layout and content in the context of cultural customs and business goals. They were focusing on content and language that support the purchasing process in the context of Polish consumers expectations and needs (tone, meaning, language-specific challenges, e.g. humor, information clarity and adjustment to customer needs).