UX audit − when to perform it and what will you learn from it?

2 March 2021

Katarzyna Jezierska-Krupa

Senior UX Designer
Katarzyna Jezierska-Krupa
UX audit − when to perform it and what will you learn from it?

When you’re planning to change an existing digital product, need an independent expert analysis, or you’re just about to launch a new product and want to make sure it will be good − reach out for a UX audit!

What is an expert audit?

An expert audit is a method of testing the UX of a digital product or service.

While conducting user experience audits we rely on the knowledge of heuristics, good practices, knowledge of related areas such as cognitive psychology, human-computer or human-machine interaction as well as experience and expert knowledge. An audit is not only an analysis of product usability, it also includes other aspects: emotions accompanying the use of a product and sensory impressions. The last ones are especially important when we refer to the interface of a physical device rather than a purely digital product.

When should you reach for an audit?

You want to verify the UX of your product, evaluate it e.g. before the implementation.

You are developing a new product or a new version of an existing product and you want to make sure that the results of your work are good and will not be overshadowed by mistakes that could have been easily avoided.

Expert audit is a relatively inexpensive tool that will show you what changes your product requires and what are the possible ways of implementing them. Is it necessary to redesign the whole structure or maybe it just needs minor adjustments to key processes?

You are looking for an area that needs to be improved.

Your product is already on the market and it’s time to perform optimization.

Are there any critical errors that are effectively preventing users from achieving their goals? What can be done to make it faster and easier for users to use the solution you offer? Which processes can be simplified? How to improve communication? What changes can be implemented to improve the conversion?

You are planning to conduct UX research

You are planning to test a prototype or an existing product, but you realize that you cannot test everything.

You want to identify the main areas worth exploring and define initial hypotheses that can be verified or falsified through research. A usability audit is a great first step.


At Mobee Dick, from the very beginning, we collect information in an organized manner that allows for easy sorting, filtering and drawing conclusions. For this purpose, we use the Airtable tool, which allows you to freely expand the knowledge base of your product, gathering data not only from the audit, but also from the existing documents and studies conducted in the future.

What will you learn from the audit?

Depending on the project and your expectations, the ux audit deliverables include ux audit report or the ux audit report with an Airtable database. In the results of the audit you will find a description of each error along with recommendations on how to fix it. Each error is further categorized and prioritized to help you decide the order of changes you will plan to implement. In addition to detailed information, you will also receive an overall assessment of your product along with the recommendations for further steps:

  1. If the overall assessment is good, it is sufficient to redesign selected components of the solution.
  2. When potential errors are identified, additional verification is required, and you will receive a list of research hypotheses, which will be a great start to work on a research scenario.
  3. If the product features serious errors in its basis, i.e. unreadable information architecture or inappropriate functional assumptions, we will advise you to design it to support the realization of your business goals in an optimal way.


The audit is a great solution not only when you are preparing to renew an existing product or want to conduct research on it, but also when you are planning to launch a new product and want to make sure that it will be a success. At Mobee Dick, we are ready for different scenarios and we always prepare for the audit by creating an individual ux audit process tailored to your needs. We customize the scope and presentation of the findings so that it is most useful to you and allows you to make informed decisions about next steps.

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