CEO Mobee Dicka, Monika Mikowska, na tle biura w Katowicach.

2018 Year Summary

21 December 2018
Monika Mikowska
2018 Year Summary

2018 was a year when Mobee Dick became a full-featured company. Much more attractive for the market, free of the too-small-agency complex, winning (more and more often) significant tenders that only bigger or more known ones could have gained earlier.

On the last day of the year which is passing, I would like to share our success and the lessons we learnt with you. Let the lecture inspire you!

The most important events

  • In March, we moved into a new office in Katowice, at ul. Mieleckiego 10 and in December we opened our Warsaw department at ul. Krucza 50.
  • We were a contents partner of the post-diploma studies on UXD Design at the SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities for another year.
  • We issued the 4th edition of the report POLSKA.JEST.MOBI 2018.
  • We changed the character of our economic activity into a limited liability company based on which we are starting to operate as soon as in February 2019.


  • In 2018 we served 24 customers with whom we realized almost 40 projects.
  • We started strategic projects for such companies as PLL LOT and Zaklady Buchmacherskie STS which we will be able to tell you more about next year.
  • In 2018 we won a very important tender thanks to which we started realizing a really crucial project for us. On the day of writing this text are cannot reveal you more details about it yet. In connection with this project, we realized the biggest research initiative on the commerce market – together with the customer’s team we prepared the concept of an innovative service and right now we are finishing works upon the UI projects for several touchpoints and beginning implementation activities.
  • Developing is our cooperation with TUiR Warta with which we are working on another version of the Warta Mobile.
  • We trained companies such as: BOS Bank, Santander Consumer Bank and Credit Agricole on good practices of UI projecting and Product Design.
  • Constantly lasting is our cooperation with Diebold Nixdorf where 4 of our designers work permanently. It is a model example of synergetic cooperation between the agency team and customer.


  1. We started the finishing year with 11 people on the board. Right now, we have 23 experts in the team which includes those who had never directly taken part in the commercial projects before – a marketer (Olga) and team assistant (Aleksandra). No matter whether somebody works remotely or in one of our offices, either full or part time, in commercial or internal projects, they are equal members of our team and each of them influences the development of Mobee Dick.
  2. We organized our customers an exceptionally efficient research network located in several Polish cities: Poznan, Warsaw, Cracow and of course – in Silesia (I am pretty sure it is unique when compared to other competitive agencies). Our research team counts 5 girls who can recruit research participants out of even the most specific and rare target group right away. Realizing the research in 3 locations at the same time is no challenge and analyzing the conclusions is the most interesting part of the project for them – the ladies are involved in it full of enthusiasm.
  3. I have got 2 personal, HR, professional successes expressed by the following people:
    • Alicja Skalna who has been working with us since December 2017. She was the one to develop THE MOST in 2018 out of the designers team. She used to be a girl who did not believe she could work in Mobee Dick (during several months I asked her 3 times to send us her resume!). Right now she is that member of the team who perfectly deals with the most ambitious projects in the whole company history. Chapeau bas – I am keeping my fingers crossed for her further development!
    • Konrad Olejarczyk who joined us in September and came from the corporation to the agency side of power. When I first came up with the idea of proposing Konrad the job, I was sure he would consider it too crazy to accept. But he agreed. Benefiting from Konrad’s work is not only one of the most important customers of 2018 but also our whole team. He is well-mannered, organized and calm and gives the rest of the team members the feeling of security. This is what makes him so exceptional.
  4. While listing the above, I cannot forget about Natalia Bienias. Thanks to her truly intensive and devoted work in 2018, she is starting 2019 with a promotion and since then she will be proudly playing the role of our Head of Design (applause!). I also must mention Jadzia Kijak whose development and commitment, especially in building an internal base of knowledge, has already impressed me and I have got a feeling that she will show her best only in 2019. Finally, there is Patrycja Rudnicka to whom I shall cordially thank for accepting the cooperation proposal since combining the world of science with the world of business constitutes an incredibly lasting foundation one can build many real innovations on.
  5. I am standing humbled by all those mentioned above and (even more probably) by the ones I did not list and want to express my thankfulness for 2018. Attention: a cliché! It is people that make an agency and were it not for you, an amazingly well-knit and involved team, we would not be in the place we are now. THANK YOU. Engines started, rockets shot, get ready guys – we are space travelling.


  • An award in the m-commerce category for EmpikGO application in a Polish competition – Mobile Trends Awards.
  • Silver in an international competition – Best Mobile App Awards for the project of the Fransi Mobile application for the Banque Saudi Fransi bank.
  • Winning the 5th edition of RE:PL for the best Polish Rebranding of the year.

Realizing 2018 targets

Income: 2,5 mln PLN

The assumed income goal was exceeded by several thousand PLN and at the same time we gained 51% of income increase when compared to 2017. Although we are proud of this fact, the profit being lower than in the previous year by almost a half is definitely less satisfying. This the result of investing in the team, infrastructure, organizational culture and working comfort and we do not regret it – quite the opposite – we are glad we could finally afford it. However, in 2019 we shall be more sensitive towards the parameter: profit versus per capita.

Enlarging the team working at the customer’s premises by 100%

Realized was only 30%. Blame for such a poor result is on us, not on the market. We did not run active sale of this part of our offer since selling projects was both more attractive and very absorbing (concerning building the portfolio of our own realizations).

Preparing, starting and commercializing 1 product

We are in the process of conceptual works. The projects realized for customers are always priorities as they are the main source of our funding (0% of investors, 0% of external financing). This is why the responsibility for the lack of completion is (again) our fault only. In 2019 we are promising to give the market more than one useful product.

Initiating close partnership with 1 external company which shall complement our service offer and/or competencies

The Software House has become our technological partner. The cooperation is the consequence of a natural and obvious combination thanks to which TSH competencies make our offer more complete. We have known the team from Gliwice for several years and our projects so far have been realized successfully. You can find development in our offer right now as well – it guarantees each of the customers that the projects will be working exactly the way we shall design them. We take full responsibility for bringing the project till the very end. Cooperating with the experienced Software House is not only another step forward in our development but mostly peace of mind of our customers’ managers’ to whom we deliver the product which is validated both when it comes to business and technology.

The most important conclusions from 2018

Mobee Dick is #lovebrand

In the 2nd half of this year we were in the process of changing the name which I initiated with Kamil and Mirek. Such a procedure was about to help in the re-positioning of the brand (our wish is to get rid of the ‘the company of mobile applications only’ label). However, the team reacted…negatively. As a consequence of numerous discussions and detailed analyses, we decided to keep the Mobee Dick name. We also realized a brand audit (together with external consultants) and a communication audit.

It was the process which consumed most of human and financial resources. Admittedly, a significant part of the money spent on this topic was paid unnecessarily.

You cannot make everyone happy and defining who and how shall participate in the discussion and influence such decisions was the reason for numerous arguments.

+ We got to know how much positive are the reactions for Mobee Dick both among the members of our team and the closest customers. In the end, this surprisingly intensive experience united our team and naturally influenced loyalty growth.

Working upon a new communication strategy is what we are focused on right now.

Holacracy is buzzword

An employment contract will not ensure employee loyalty – it could be gained with the organization culture. In Mobee Dick, we promote task-oriented work focused on realizing the aim, not the ‘industrial’ one (nine to five). Our team members can count on plenty of freedom, both at the formal level and in planning the work and its everyday realization. A flexible structure is a must-have of each organization, especially of a service agency and we have been promoting it since many years as a value for employees and customers.

+ Each team member who starts their adventure in Mobee Dick receives the benefit of the doubt and takes full responsibility for their part of the process. This influences their self-development positively. It is a state enabling the employee to have their own space for experiments and making mistakes…

… however, there should be as few mistakes as possible since we realize demanding projects of the biggest brands in Poland and abroad. In my opinion, holacracy consumes (too) much time for internal issues (including additional, internal communication). This is the time which can be devoted for realizing other tasks such as communication with a customer, for example. The negative impact of holacracy on business efficiency is one of its most serious drawbacks. Moreover, the company cannot have a dozen or several dozen bosses. Not everyone in the team wants/feels like/should be a boss so in the upcoming year we shall rather turn the screws than let the ‘classical version’ of holacracy begin to grow.

One has to learn working remotely well

Our team are not only the people who work in Katowice and Warsaw every day. There are also some who realize their tasks from Poznan, Wroclaw, Rzeszow and Cracow – most of the time they work remotely.

The benefit of an intercity project team is reducing a lot of logistic costs in the projects for customers, being one of our market characteristics.
Efficient internal communication is a challenge as in such a mixed mode of cooperation we struggle with 2 information workflows (online and office/f2f). We found out that the ability of working remotely is not just given and in order to be effective one has to learn it (most importantly: implement appropriate tools and introduce old habits in the company).

Our aims for 2019

  • income at the level of 5 mln PLN
  • 15% of income from the projects for abroad customers
  • realizing one R&D project

Moreover, each of 6 managers of Mobee Dick has set personal, strategical aims which support realizing professional goals.

We will be fighting for increasing the awareness and associating our brand properly. Mobee Dick helps customers increase their business results, no matter which touchpoint we work upon. It is not important that we ‘realized the project’ but that ‘the project realized by us helped to increase by X our customer’s income and/or lower by Y the costs of maintaining a given project in the Internet’.

Keep your fingers crossed for us! In 2019 I wish you exceeded KPIs only! 🙂

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